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Grizzly Feeders

STAR TRACE Grizzly Feeders have greater versatility and adaptability for the increase in production/products. The rugged design and construction smooth vibrating mechanism helps in reliable operation, long durability and helps to lower maintenance costs. It is suitable for continuous, uniform feeding of raw material into the crusher and equipment while screening plants of Mineral & Mining Industry, Construction materials, Silicate, Power sector, Steel sector, Cement Industry, Chemical Industry and Foundries etc.

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Boosting Throughput of Primary Crushers:
  • A robustly constructed range of vibratory machines extending from units 0.5m widex2m long up to units 1.5mx4.5m.
  • The grizzly feeders are intended primarily for use ahead of primary crushers are designed to handle large run-of-quarry stone, take the impact of dumped loads and smooth out the flow of materials to the crusher.
  • All models of grizzly feeders have a flat reinforced impact area followed by a sloping grizzly bar section.
  • The longer grizzly feeders are fitted with two stepped, grizzly bar sets. Replaceable wear sections of mild steel, manganese steel or rubber are fitted depending on the duty specified.

During material dewatering, water is filtered through the mesh as a result of vibration while the material is conveyed toward the point of discharge. The filtered water carries solid particles whose size is slightly smaller than the mesh openings, which must be recovered by means of hydrocycloning and incorporated to final product in the discharge area. The level of moisture that can be obtained in the end product is between 10% and 15%, depending on its nature, particle size distribution and water content in the feed materials.

When the two vibrating motor that installed vertically on the sieve relatively rotate, the eccentric block of two vibrating motors produce rated excitation force. The horizontal excitation force cancel each other out, the vertical excitation force is transported to the whole screen surface through the body mass vibration. Materials do the jumping movement on the screen surface to the outlet because of the vertical excitation force. Materials which smaller than the mesh drop into the lower layer and discharge from the outlet after doing the jumping movement. Because of the reasonable screen, after vibrating screen, we can get materials of different concentration particle sizes and done the rating work of materials.

Vibrating Grizzly feeders Working Principle:

Vibrating Grizzly feeders consist of vibrating frame, spring, vibrator, motor vibrating device and motor. The vibrator is made of two fixed eccentric shafts whose gears are jogged. When installation, the two gears must be jogged according to the sign. Through drive of the motor, the two eccentric shafts start rotating to produce a linear huge power which forces the feeders to vibrate. Through the vibration, the materials will slip and sling on the funnel, moving forward, when the materials pass the screening part, smaller parts will fall down, and avoiding the further crushing, so screening purpose can be reached.

Vibratory Motor:
  • The Grizzly feeders are suitable to feed primary jaw crushers, selecting the large sizes which require primary crushing, the smaller sizes and any fines which must be eventually rejected.
  • The Grizzly feeders consists of a very large vibrating body made of thick plate with inside lining of anti-abrasive plate. The Grizzly vibro feeders are driven by two or four vibrating motors. The vibro feeders(which may either be placed on a steel or concrete base) rests on spring.

Calculation of grizzly bar section area required:

The area needed for the Grizzly Bar Section may be calculated from the following empirical formula and tables. The resulting figure provides a guide to the Grizzly Feeders model required.

Grizzly Bar area (m2) = Tonnes per hour of under size 
Capacity/m2 A x Factor B x Factor C
Electrical Control Equipment:
  • Grizzly Feeders may be supplied complete with Variable Feed Rate Controllers. They incorporate the very latest frequency inverter technology for applications that require frequent adjustment of the feed rate.
  • For other applications twin vibrator phase reversal braking starters which enable the unit to stop within seconds may be suitable. The number of stop/ starts that may be made per hour is limited depending upon conditions.
  • Consult us about your Electrical Control Equipment requirements.
Industries Using Grizzly feeders:
  • Power
  • Mining
  • Aggregates
  • Recycling
  • Concrete
  • Quarries
  • Custom designed & built.
  • Designed for maximum efficiency & output.
  • Heavy duty unbalanced vibro motors.
  • Adjustable amplitude of vibration.
  • Heavy duty, rugged construction.
  • Stress Relieved.
  • Adjustable & replaceable grizzly bars.
  • Easy to maintain & operate.
  • Abrasion resistant lined bed and side plates.
  • Abrasion resistant grizzly bars.
  • Extend crusher life by reducing wear.
  • Increase crusher efficiency.
  • Reduce crusher power consumption.
  • Rugged single mass technology.
  • Low maintenance due to:
  • No exciter springs required.
  • No natural frequency tuning required.
  • Easily replaceable grid bars.
  • Stepped deck grids enhance screening efficiency.
  • Driven by world class electromechanical drives.
  • Designed to meet your exact requirements.
  • Wide range of achievable capacities.
Grizzly Feeders Key Benefits:
  • Robust construction
  • Adequate springs are selected to withstand heavy shock loads due to feed material.
  • Wear plates are provided on all exposed surfaces for long life.
  • Heavy duty exciters to induce large stroke and high force required to deliver run of quarry from dump hopper.
  • Simple eccentric drive system.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Easy to adjust stroke length by adding or removing the weights
  • Easy to adjust stroke angle.
Grizzly Feeders Specifications:

Model Funnel Size(mm) The maximum feed size (mm) Yield (t/h) Power (kw) Weight (kg) Dimensions(L×W×H)(mm)
STVF-600×1800 600×1800 300 30-80 1.1×2 1050 2200×1100×600
STVF-800×3000 800×3000 400 80-120 1.5×2 3195 3110×1600×1600
STVF-960×3800 960×3800 500 120-120 2.2×2 3980 3850×1950×1630
STVF-1100×4200 1100×4200 580 200-430 3.7×2 5570 4400×2050×1660
STVF-1100×4900 1100×4900 580 280-500 5.5×2 6520 5200×2050×1700
STVF-1300×5200 1300×5200 650 450-600 7.5×2 8200 5200×2350×1750
SVF-960×3800 960×3800 500 90-200 11 3980 3882×2224×2121
SVF-1100×4900 1100×4900 580 180-380 15 5320 4957×2500×1365
SVF-1300×4900 1300×4900 750 250-450 22 5900 4957×2580×2083
Grizzly Feeders Applications:

Metallurgy, Coal Mine, Mineral Separation, Gold Ore Processing, Artificial Sand, Building Waste Recycling, Building Material, Chemical Industry and Abrasive Industry, etc.

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