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Laboratory C Frame Electromagnet

Star Trace C Frame electromagnet is used to provide the large magnetic field in a volume. It is suitable for many laboratory applications, research and industrial applications. Star Trace C Frame electromagnet is light weighted it allows an optical tables and the poles enable axial entry and exit holes to be fixed to the optical geometry.

Star Trace c frame electromagnet consists of two cylindrical poles. Each pole has a cylindrical pole face. One end has 40mm pole it produces the most uniform field, other end 20mm pole faces are used when higher gap fields are needed. The poles are clamped in the yoke by bolt. The poles can be adjusted to different gap by slackening the clamping bolts. The following procedure should be used for removing or reversing the poles. The different gap should be adjusted in the range of 0 to 75mm.

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Both coils in the c frame electromagnet is wounded on spools consists of electrically isolated, over temperature interlock switches and water cooling tubes. They are two types of cooling air and water cooled. Water cooled will allow maximum of 5A coil current. Air cooled will allows maximum 3.5A coil current. The range of 35 - 75mm should be adjusted coil to coil spacing.

Features :
  • Pole gap can be adjustable.
  • Changeable coil spacing.
  • Portable size.
  • Two types of operation - Water or Air cooled.
  • Optional square poles at 50mm.
  • Reversible Plane or Tapered Poles.
  • Base Mounted or Rotating base.
Specifications :
  • Pole Diameter : 45mm. Reversible, with pole face diameters of 20 and 40mm
  • Pole Gap : 0 to 75mm
  • Coil Spacing : 35 to 75mm
  • Dimensions : 600 mm W x 300 mm B x 1200 mm H
  • Weight : 200kg (Appox.)
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